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Brice up your life!

Cam Bevan
Lee Brice One Of Them Girls Cover scaled min
Lee Brice  Source: Curb Records

Lee Brice is one of the most recognizable faces of country music today, and that doesn’t look to change any time soon!

So of course, it's only natural that you get hungry for more of this legend from the back roads of Nashville. And we think it's our job to tell you a little more about the golden child of country’s top 10 songs of the decade.


10: One of Them Girls (2020) 

This song will bring back all your fondest memories of young love and nights at the pub with friends or your money back! As of today, his latest single ‘One of Them Girls’ (April 2020) has remained in the top 100 songs in America for 10 weeks, and that doesn’t show any signs of changing. A nice upbeat tune to bring the mood up on any occasion, a must have for your playlists. Oh yeah and this is only number 10! 

9: Parking Lot Party (2013) 

Having a bad day? Feeling a bit stressed? Honestly trust us and just put this on. we'll say no more! 

8: Drinking Class (2015) 

If a song could ever embody the feeling pride you have after a working a full-on week, this is it. This song of workplace patriotism reached 2nd place on the American country top charts in 2015, no doubt cause of how relatable to song is to nearly everyone. Because of how catchy it is of coursegood luck resisting dancing to this one! 

7: Boy (2018) 

A mellow tune that is guaranteed to hit you with an immense wave of nostalgia and anticipation all at once! A night at home listening to music is not complete without Bryce’s beautiful lyrics in this song. 

6: Love Like Crazy (2010) 

Love Like Crazy is a mid-tempo tune and one of Lee’s first songs he released back in 2009 which broke longest chart run in the history of the Hot Country Songs charts in 2010, with 55 weeks on the hot country billboard! If that isn't enough to convince you to listen, the storyline is based on the love of his grandparents who had been married for 50 years at the time. A true heart warmer if ever there was one! 

5: Woman Like You (2012) 

A mellow and relaxing song with entertaining, heartwarming and believe it or not thought-provoking lyrics! This song makes you think about that special someone in your life and think; “what would I ever do without you?! 

4: I Don’t Dance (2014) 

Such a feel-good song! Perfectly captures that uncontrollable feeling you get when you meet someone truly special, that ‘I would do anything’ feeling! I Don’t Dance got to 1st place on the American country charts where it stayed for 29 weeks, this song is no slacker. 

3: I Hope You Are Happy Now (2020) 

This beautiful melancholic duet from Lee Brice and Carly Pearce skyrocketed to 1st place on the 13th of June 2020, and it stayed on the Country top charts for 37 weeks! It'll smack your emotions like a chevy pickup, but not so hard that you can’t put it on with the friends on a road tripIf anything will make our top 3, this is it. 

2: Hard To Love (2012) 

One of his earliest songs still comes up into our top three, and there is a good reason, its simply an amazing song! Its aged very well since its peak in 2012, where it also reached 1st place, and it is still to this day played across the world. A song all about how thankful a man is for his lover, and how she continues to love throughout all his mistakesAll that mixed with Lee’s masterful guitar, we are given an absolute masterpiece of a song, rivalled only by one...

1: Rumor (2019) 

Oh boy we’ll try not to gush too much. This song we decided is Lee Brice’s number one, not only because it was his highest-grossing song at 25th place on the charts in America for all music, but for its ability to transport you into the story. Close your eyes and listen, you’ll picture the bar, the live band and the talk of the town, the man and woman dancing in the middle together like they have been for hours. A song of will they? /won't they? And ultimately; A song of love (we are noticing a trend here). Normally we’d reiterate the fact that it’s a masterclass of music, but that’s a given isn't it? Now all that’s left to do is... give it a listen!  

Check Lee Brice out on Instagram if you want more updates on what he’s up to and his upcoming releases! 

Of course, there are even more amazing tunes from Lee Brice out there, so go out and get discovering! You can hear these top ten songs and more from Lee on Tracks96.1, so tune in there to find out more classics from this living legend of the country scene.