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NEW: Drive Show Podcast

Ella Shepherd
Drive Show   Kate Davey

Don't want to miss the Drive show live? Well luckily you don't need to worry!

If you're looking for a new podcast that consistently posts new episodes each day look no further. Have a listen to the poddy below and see if that makes ya smile, cringe or even makes you question that country music is in fact quite great.


Yes yes, I wasn't a fan of country either but now it's my first option when driving around, at the gym or even doing the washing. 


Country music, country content and country artists are new, untouched territory in New Zealand. So dip your toes in, have a listen and enter a new world everyone so easily misjudged.  

(Even better listen live from 3-6pm weekdays on the Christchurch frequency 96.1 OR stream us on iHeart and Rova!)