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HOT TRACKS: GIRL by Maren Morris

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'GIRL' is the second, major-label album from Maren Morris- a small but mighty force of pop-country, rock 'n' roll, and hip hop influences. 

Hailing from Dallas, Morris broke out onto the country scene with her hit single 'My Church' in 2016, before topping the charts with Zedd and GREY on 'The Middle'


Now, a force to be reckoned with on the international country scene, it would come as a surprise to many that Maren was rejected from American Idol, The Voice, and America's Got Talent. In an interview with Andy Cohen, the star admitted that she was in fact happy that things worked out the way they did. Now with current contestants covering her songs on these shows, she added that it was also nice to "collect the check and have some sweet revenge". 


'GIRL' features optimistic and upbeat tracks such as 'GIRL' and 'The Feels' alongside more mellow songs like 'The Bones' of which Morris collaborated on with Hozier. Incredibly easy to listen to and featuring a little something for everyone, This album is the perfect introduction to country music or great for those who prefer something a little less traditional.

Listen to 'GIRL' on your favourite streaming platforms and Tracks96.1 on iHeartRadio & Rova.