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Kacey Musgraves' Must Have Merch

Kate Davey
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Kacey Musgraves Merch  kaceymusgraves.com

We’ve officially decided that Kacey Musgraves have the best merch out there.

Kacey has really taken it to the next level when creating merch for her fans. From Lonely Weekend themed socks to holographic stickers Kacey has really gone all out to ensure that her fans are fully kitted out.   

Here’s a list of our top 3 favourite Spacey Kacey merch items:
1. The ‘Slow Burn’ Scented Candle



We don’t know how but Kacey has managed to create a candle that smells EXACTLY how the ‘Slow Burn’ song sounds. Don’t ask questions, Just trust us. 

The candle is infused with scents of black pepper and guaiac wood and Kacey herself has described the candle as “a little dank and a little crisp”.


2. The ‘Lonely Weekend’ Bath Bomb


This bath bomb is giving us chill and mellow vibes on the outside, but once submerged you’re in for a full-on rainbow party.


3. The ‘Lonely Weekend’ DIY Tie Dye Kit.


What's better than Kacey merch? Kacey merch you can personalise! Create your own #vibes with this customizable kit. 

And those are just our favourites… Check out the full list of her merch here.