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Must watch Throwbacks of Disney+

Emma Duffy
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Feel like streaming something to watch this weekend, but can’t decide on what? Let us help you with some throwbacks you could watch on Disney+


Video Source: Disney UK Youtube Channel

That’s so Raven followed teenager Raven Baxter’s life of being able to see into the future. Raven and her best friends Chelsea and Eddie never seem to quite understand her psychic visions fully, which makes them jump into very sticky situations and conclusions. This show is a Disney classic made in 2003, and is a great option if you are in need of a good laugh!


Video Source: Disney UK Youtube Channel

The people in young Penny’s life consists of extremely protective and caring parents, a hip granny by the name of Suga Mama, Sass filled friend Dijonay and a nemesis LaCienega Boulevardez. Penny Proud tries to balance her life at home, school and social wise which can come with some challenges when you are in the early teenage years of life. The Proud Family is a fun, coming of age, 2000's cartoon which is sure to be a good watch and bring back many memories


Video Source: LizzieMcGuireSource Youtube Channel

If you haven’t watched Lizzie McGuire before, then you have been missing out! Lizzie McGuire is a show about a young girl surviving high school life with her best friends Gordo and Miranda. Throughout the show we get to see inside Lizzie’s minds for her thoughts and feelings through her animated alter-ego. This show rocks the very early 2000’s style and is super relatable when it comes to us as viewers thinking similar thoughts to Lizzie’s alter ego.


Video Source: Youtube Movies

Freaky Friday was all about magic and mystery when Tess and her daughter Anna (who live two VERY different lives and have extreme differences) wake up to discover they are trapped in each other’s bodies. It becomes a race against the clock to undo what has happened so that Tess can be in her own body for her wedding. There are many re-makes of this movie, but this one starring Jamie lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan tops them all.


Video Source: Movieclips Classic Trailers Youtube Channel

Heath Ledger. Do we need to give you any other reason to watch this movie? 10 Things I Hate About You tells the story of the new kid Cameron who instantly is attracted to a girl called Bianca. The problem being, he can’t date her until her stubborn and independent older sister Kat goes out dating herself. Cameron entices the help from the ‘bad boy’ of the school (otherwise known as Heath Ledger). This 1999 rom-com truly pulls on the heart strings and well…. Heath Ledger…. That’s all we have to say about that.