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Supporting Local

Kate Davey
support your local

Not only are restaurants, cafes, shops and businesses the backbone of the New Zealand economy, but they’re the backbone of the community too.

They know our names, our styles, remember our orders, know our families and we know theirs too. Many local businesses are already feeling the unexpected financial stress that came along with Covid-19, so it is important now more than ever to support your local.

Here are a few things you could do to help: 

1. SOS Business

Many businesses are still closed due to lockdown but there's a way you can continue to support them. SOS Business is a not-for-profit website where you can buy vouchers now and redeem them when the shop is open again.

You can buy a voucher for yourself or send it to your friends or family. 

Excluding a small transaction fee, 100% of the money you spend goes to the business you want to support.

Is your local not on there? You could contact them and recommend they sign up, or if you have any local suggestions you can enter them here. 

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2. Get to know your backyard.

Safe to say we live in a beautiful country and since international travel is out of the question for a while, why not plan a local trip?

No better time than now to see New Zealand (without all the tourists!). Stay at the local hotels, dine at the restaurants, do the tours, and visit all the places that perhaps took a backseat to overseas travel.

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3. If you love them, Let them know! 

Write them a glowing review on trip advisor, Facebook or their website. Interact with their socials, like and comment on their posts and tell your friends.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool, this will bring awareness to their business. A good review or recommendation can go a very long way. 

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While it is very exciting that McDonald's and KFC are back in town, these big international companies will last and will always be there, your local might not. 

Spare a thought for small businesses in these uncertain times and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL.