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House hunters laugh over terribly photoshopped images

Emma Duffy
Photoshop couch article
The couch with too many legs...  mirror.co.uk

Sometimes it gets a bit tedious when looking through multiple house listings online during the process of buying a new home, but house hunters stumbled across one very unique listing which had them in fits of laughter. 

This apartment has gone viral after terribly photoshopping household items into the photos of their empty apartment.

It is normally quite helpful for potential buyers to see furniture in a room, so they can get an idea of what their own furniture may look like, or even to just have a rough estimate of the room dimensions. But we're not too sure this would've been a great help.

As you can see, above we have a grey couch with multiple legs (more than it really needs) along with some remains of carpet attached to them. You may also notice the mirror doors with nothing reflected on it, when clearly the couch should be. Aside from the photoshop cut out of the couch, it has been placed in a very unusual way in the room. 


As for the kitchen, we have every plant lovers dream with a massive oversized pot on the kitchen bench, and even some bar stools which look like they were a bit of a mission to cut out.

In this case, their clever idea ended up turning into a poorly executed and extremely funny listing.