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Wacky Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories

Ella Shepherd

Who doesn’t love a good thrilling story?

One that keeps you on the edge of your seat as it slowly draws out the suspense and drama, making you nervously crack your knuckles.

Recently people have noticed the world's love for wild stories, novels or film, and have adapted these themes to create their own Conspiracy Theories. It's mysterious and at times ridiculous but no matter how unsettling these theories are it's still very interesting. 

Thousands and thousands of theories around Covid-19 have been floating around the internet allowing people to debate and contribute ideas. People then take to Youtube and discuss their favourite ones that sound absolutely ridiculous or even believable. 

Take a look at these videos where I mention a few ridiculous theories and explore the more popular and convincing assumptions around Covid-19.

In part one I look at the theory around Bill Gates & why people seem to think he created the virus. 

In part two I take a look at a novel written in 1981. The theory here is that people think the author, Dean Koontz, may have predicted Covid-19. 

Take a look & let us know your thoughts!