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Underrated Christchurch walking tracks

Ben Pierce
Source: Ben Pierce  Source: Ben Pierce

Living in Christchurch gives us lucky access to grand nature trails, that give running and walking a bit more of an interesting edge.

However, this is common knowledge within the average Kiwi. This means plenty of walking tracks are way too populated. So I thought I’d list a few of the best-underrated walking tracks in Christchurch.


Travis2 2


Travis Wetlands:

The Travis Wetlands are a hidden nature hotspot in a suburban area. Being the home to many native wildlife, walking around the wetlands is quite a vibrant experience. There are multiple lookouts located around the track, whether that be the watchtower, bird watching building or the information centre. To walk casually, it will take around1 ½ hours. It’s easily accessible from 5 different areas around Burwood and Parklands with parking spaces offered at 4 of these. Considering how beautiful the walk itself is, it’s surprising to note that the walk is barely ever busy. It’s a gentle walk and great for a run.

South2 2

Southshore Spit Reserve:

This track circuits the edges of the Southshore spit. Being located right next to the Southshore beach the track is usually quiet. The walkway takes 40 minutes to casually walk but this time could be extended as there are many magnificent natural lookouts. Sumner and Redcliffs surround the spit and during sunset the landscapes are stunning. The track is mainly on sand and soft dirt so running it might not be the greatest idea but an easy-going walk would suit.

Buller2 2

Buller Stream Walkway:

Buller Stream Walkway is a very short walk, only 10 minutes casually. It’s located in Mairehau next to the Diana Isaac Retirement Village. This walk has actually only been furbished within the past year and the plan is to create a scenic wetland walk. This is a very neat track to travel consistently, as it’s only recently been created you’ll be able to see the distinct growth of the walk. Maybe take the opportunity to take a few photos so you can document the development. It’s a very mellow walk with no change in steepness or pathing. For a quick walk, it’s very handy and elegant. 


And that's it! I highly recommend you try at least one of these out. All of them a gentle, easily accessible and most importantly, quiet.